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“The Buzz” - Audience Comments:

LOVE-IN … What an unbelievably wonderful experience!!! This was truly one of the best experiences of my life. Thank you for such an awesome production.

Ben Vereen was great… really fired up and had the right amount of energy to keep it entertaining.  Also found myself enjoying his 'numbers'.  The tune he sang from Hair was really cool!

I loved Eric Johnson... he first played the Cream song, Politician, that was killer.  Should have heard the dudes tone.  Wow!  The tone people would kill for.  Later he played Watch Tower (Jimi's way) with Earl Thomas singing. They rocked it!  Bout as close as I'll get to the Monterey festival. Very cool!  Thanks!

What a great experience! So many highlights… almost too many to remember. The place looked stunning, very cool.  Sound was very good.  Lights amazing.  The best thing about the whole show was the music and the little pieces in between.  Ok, the dancers looked fairly nice too… I'll admit.

It was a religious experience… thanks for the great show!

My wife and I attended this presentation and loved it!  I was wondering when the DVD will be made available… please let me know.  Thank you!

Congratulations!  We really had a good time standing up and wiggling.  Good few hours of suspending disbelief.  It was a fun evening.  Loved Strawberry Alarm Clock the drum solo - Loved Ben Vereen his "Dock of the Bay" -- was great!  Loved the light show - Loved the Vanilla Fudge guy - Loved Peter and Gordon - Loved the Indian classical music - Wow… What a production!!! 

 Love In – was an excellent production!  Thank you.

I attended the wonderful performance of Love-In.  I would like to purchase the DVD that was being filmed when it is available.  Thanks…

Thank you for a wonderful evening of entertainment - it was a fabulous performance! 

High enjoyment and content value… Bravo!

Loved the show.  When are Love In DVDs available?

Wow, I'm impressed!  I will look forward to the DVD.

Good luck with the editing… I know it's going to be a "Home Run"!

We saw "Love In - the Musical" on Sunday.  Superb.  A marvelous tribute to the music and the musicians that play it.

Great Show! Thanks for all that you do to keep the music alive.