Love-In Band - Bobby Sale

Bobby Sale

Born in Canada, but spending most of his life in San Diego, with frequent stops in Los Angeles and Nashville, Bobby Sale has been playing drums professionally since he was fifteen years old.

At eighteen he joined songwriters and producers, Rick Elias and Craig Bartock, on the payroll of the Lawrence Welk Music Group, recording songwriting demos for its publishing division, Vogue Music.  In 1996, he was asked by Elias to record 4 songs for the Tom Hanks movie, That Thing You Do!  One of which also made its way onto the soundtrack of the film My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  His relationship with Elias included membership in the band, Rick Elias and the Confessions, whose debut album was voted as one of the top 100 greatest albums in Christian music by CCM Magazine.

Bobby was fortunate to meet singer/songwriter, Mark DeCerbo, and joined DeCerbo’s band, Four Eyes.  His relationship with DeCerbo led him to meeting Rockola founder, Bob Tedde.  And it was in 2005 that Tedde invited him to play with Rockola, something he’s happily been doing ever since.