Love-In Production Team - Henry Austin

Henry Austin

Henry Austin has been involved with professional audio for 35 years.  He founded PPA Inc. in 1975 as a production company specializing in pro audio.  Henry has also served in the capacity of consultant for manufacturers of audio equipment including design and prototyping of mixing consoles, loud speakers, pick ups, and preamps. 

PPA has provided turnkey solutions for the design, building and implementation of audio intelligibility for private venues, tourist attractions, clubs, and festivals.  Cirque Du Soliel at the Rose Bowl, Monterey, Catalina and Queen Mary Jazz Festivals, Knott’s Berry Farm, Disney, San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park, Los Angeles Street Scene, Country Scene, Beach Scene, Sierra Summer Festival and corporate concerts for NAMM to name a few. 

PPA is also a national touring company offering sound reinforcement and complete production support for such notables as Charlie Watts Orchestra.  The company and Henry have received certificates of appreciation from the White House Communications Staff for two administrations.

Henry was the Audio Producer for the acclaimed production, “Primal Twang: The Legacy of the Guitar” which premiered at the Birch North Park Theatre. Personally, Henry is a guitar player for over 45 years and with his love of music and dedication to quality, he is proud to be associated with “Love In ~ The Musical” and provide his expertise for this event.