Love-In Production Team - Bob Meyers


Bob Meyers

Bob Meyers has been working as a professional audio engineer for over 25 years. His position as a concert monitor engineer has satisfied the on stage audio needs of a very diverse group of entertainers including Frank Sinatra and Shirley MacLaine to the likes of Axl Rose and David Lee Roth. For the past several years, Bob has designed, installed, and operated numerous sound systems in various live entertainment venues of Las Vegas. He assisted with the installation of the incredible surround sound system for the “EFX” production show formerly at the MGM Grand and the “Theatre of the Stars” showroom at the Stratosphere Tower. Currently, he is the Lead Technician for the Entertainment Dept. at the Stratosphere; responsible for the installation and operation of sound systems throughout the property. His experiences with the San Francisco music scene in the 70’s prompted his desire to be part of this celebration of the music of 1967, which he wishes he could have been part of originally.